As my first post I would like to present myself and give a general view of who I’m I and where do I come from

My name is João Borges, and I’m 24 years old, currently living in Lisbon with my girlfriend, but raised in Coimbra.

Has a child my favorite things to do was ride bicycles and play some games in my PC. I was always very interested in how the things were made and the logical process about them.

Getting older I was diagnosed with severe depression that caused me to lose many years at school. I was forced to lock myself at my room because I was not able to get outside.

At that time I was addicted to video games, mainly because it was the only thing that I could do without having panic attacks, but over the time I started to search about how the games were made. That brought me some joy again, and I started to study programming languages.

My first language was C, then I learned some Java. Nothing serious I was only doing some calculators and some funny things to automate as many things as possible.

I was able to get better after 5 years lost, so I talked to my family and moved to Lisbon.

My main idea was to distance myself from some bad feelings that I was felling at Coimbra.

It worked, and I started going to school again, at my 3rd time at 10th grade I decided that I should chase what I enjoy doing, so I started in a Professional Programming Course.

In that course I was able to learn some basics, but the real learning came when I started my second internship.

In my second internship I met a guy called Diogo Cunha, he started pushing me to a level that I thought that I would never be able to.

He taught me how to use OOP and how to work with Umbraco, my first language with him was C# and I loved it.

Last year I finished my last year at that course, and now I’m in a Professional Internship, and things are going well.

This is the begging of my journey as a writer and I would love to told you guys more about my evolution as a Programmer without studies :)